Contract Disputes

Contracts Disputes / Business Litigation

Generally, to have a binding contract there must be an offer, acceptance and consideration. Although many contracts appear to be simple, they may not in fact be legally binding. You need an experienced lawyer to determine whether there was a valid contract formed and whether that contract was breached. At the law offices of Liuzzi, Murphy, Solomon, Churton & Hale LLP., we are experienced in contract dispute resolution and can obtain damages for you in the form of specific performance, liquidated damages, rescission or monetary compensation, depending on the situation.

If you are a party in a contract dispute, please contact the law offices of Liuzzi, Murphy, Solomon, Churton & Hale LLP. today, for a free consultation.

To schedule an initial consultation about your case please call our office at (415) 400-7000. During the consultation, you will speak to an attorney who will evaluate your claim at no cost. If you choose to retain us, we may handle the case on an hourly fee basis or a contingency fee basis depending on numerous factors that include the potential value of the claim.